Monday, January 6, 2020

Oracle 18c

Oracle 18c ( Oracle 19c (


export DISPLAY

global database name=


Container CDB
Pluggable PDB (multi tennant) in CDB

Remote Standby Database with Observer

A file system enables disk space to be allocated to many files. Each file has a name and is made to appear as a contiguous address space to applications such as Oracle Database. The database can create, read, write, resize, and delete files.
A file system is commonly built on top of a logical volume constructed by a software package called a logical volume manager (LVM). The LVM enables pieces of multiple physical disks to combine into a single contiguous address space that appears as one disk to higher layers of software.

/etc/oratab mounts db startup
/etc/fstab mount points

adrci > show aleert

lsnrctl LISTNER

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