Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Postgres 14 MacOS App 2.5.6

  • sudo mkdir -p /etc/paths.d &&
    echo /Applications/ | sudo tee /etc/paths.d/postgresapp

PostgreSQL with these default settings:

Useryour system user name
Databasesame as user
Connection URLpostgresql://localhost

To connect with psql, double click a database. To connect directly from the command line, type psql. If you’d rather

SELECT datname FROM pg_database;


\c hcyc

psql -U myuser -d mydb -a -f data.sql -W mypassword

To connect PostgreSQL to Hazelcast, you can use a middleware or a plugin which acts as a bridge between the two systems. There are several third-party libraries and tools available that can help you connect PostgreSQL and Hazelcast, such as:

  • Hazelcast IMDG Connectors: Hazelcast provides connectors that allow you to connect to various data sources including PostgreSQL. The connectors can be used to replicate data between PostgreSQL and Hazelcast, or to use Hazelcast as a caching layer for PostgreSQL.

  • JPA-Hazelcast: This is an open-source library that provides an implementation of the Java Persistence API (JPA) for Hazelcast. You can use it to map PostgreSQL tables to Hazelcast data structures, allowing you to query and manipulate data in both systems using JPA.

  • HA-JDBC: This is a JDBC driver that provides load balancing and failover for a variety of database systems including PostgreSQL. You can use it in conjunction with Hazelcast to provide high availability for PostgreSQL.